The Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB, for Nederlandse School voor Openbaar Bestuur) is the country’s premier provider of public sector executive education and an independent centre of applied research, critical thought and strategic advice about politics and governance.

Our mission is to enhance smart governance. We want to help public sector professionals to create institutions and practices that make sense in today’s interconnected world. We seek to achieve this by educating reflective practitioners throughout the public sector and by providing them as well as anyone interested in public administration with new insights and innovative ideas through high-quality research reports and stimulating essays.

NSOB provides a range of educational experiences. We offer four executive master programs; senior and top-level professional development programs; tailor-made in-house programs for specific public agencies or professions; and thematic master classes and strategy seminars. Our core faculty consists of top academics on our own staff and in the network of five partner universities that support us. In addition, we draw on international experts as well as the vast network of alumni the School has built up over the years throughout every level and every sector of Dutch public administration.

As a think tank, NSOB conducts both self-initiated and commissioned studies. We take pride in being independent, thoughtful, provocative and practical. We aim to produce essays and reports that reframe the ways in which people think about politics, governance and public administration. We do not believe in formulaic solutions and we do not believe in partisan politics. Instead we offer new and sharp lenses to make sense of the often complex and ambiguous challenges that public managers face, the multiple contexts in which they operate and the dynamics of the institutions they inhabit. We interpret and assess their leadership practices, and provide them with food for thought about their own past, current and possible practices.