The Netherlands School of Public Administration (in Dutch: Nederlandse School voor Openbaar Bestuur – NSOB) seeks to make sense of what is happening in government by reflecting on politics and society. The educational programs, research projects and events of the Netherlands School of Public Administration combine state of the art academic insights with the practical experiences of those working in the public domain. Outstanding lecturers contribute their knowledge and experience to our programmes and draw on the practical governmental and administrative experiences of our participants. Our alumni share their questions and dilemmas with us, and those who participate in our courses get a chance for intellectual reflection not usually found in day-to-day practice. This interplay makes NSOB’s courses thought-provoking and inspiring educational experiences, and it makes sure its research is both rigorous and relevant. NSOB’s emphasis of linking academia and the public sector produces new  insights about governance and helps its practitioners hone their skills, both with a view of making government deliver better public value.